Supplier of the Season – Summer & Autumn – Bee Organics

It’s been such a busy summer, I didn’t have time to write a Supplier of the Season blog but I think Bee Organics deserves to be both seasons!! Paul, at his small-holding in Staverton is  growing magic! Since May this year, he has supplied me with stunning, colourful and delicious heritage organic vegetables. For every wedding catering we’ve done this summer, the local, seasonal ‘Med veg’ has come from Paul – green, red & orange peppers, beautiful aubergines and stripey courgettes, the most flavoursome tomatoes and basil. We’ve got our spinach, new potatoes, onions and chillies from the amazing productive bit of land, just outside Totnes and designed menus based on what Paul has an abundance of (where possible).

field melons onions spinach tomatoes toms-polytunnel walnuts

At the lovely Transition Town Totnes, TOTNES10 Forking Local Food Festival on the 8th October 2016 on Vire Island, in Totnes, we made a delicious and very popular Med-veg tagine with the last of Bee Organic’s peppers, courgettes & aubergines. The Moroccan paste was made with his garlic, coriander and chillies and the sauce from his lovely tomatoes – it was, as required by the festival, a truly local, Devon feast!

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The land where Paul grows his veg is really beautiful! When Hannah and I first started sourcing from Bee Organics the farm was less developed than now and the house unbuilt – it’s been wonderful to see the fruit trees laden with apples, pears and walnuts, to see the vegetable beds flourish and the store shed drying out onions and garlic and storing all the lovely things Paul is growing so well in the South Hams. As well as us, Paul has a veg-box scheme and supplies the Sea Trout Inn and Riverford.

We’re looking forward to the busy season quieting down so that we can sit down and meet with Paul to plan what he will grow next year, so that he can supply us with as much as possible! I’m hoping for more grapes to go on our cheeseboards, as well as herbs, other fruit and of course the wonderful Med-veg Paul grows so well.