Supplier of the Season – early summer – Grown in Totnes

Grown in Totnes

This season’s Devon supplier is an unusual one as they haven’t quite started supplying us but we have used some of their ingredients in our outside catering cooking and they will begin supplying local Totnes businesses very soon, so we thought why not? The Transition Town Totnes initiative moved into the unit next door to ours a couple of months after us and had their launch at the end of April. Lots of visitors came by for storytelling, a tour of the processing systems and some delicious snacks, made by us from Grown in Totnes ingredients. We had some really positive feedback and the day was a really sunny, lovely one! Listen to Rob Hopkins podcast about the day here.

GinT board

We had a few items for sale as you can see from the picture; the scone swirls seemed the most popular so here is the recipe – makes 10 swirls;

100g GinT pea flour
50g GinT spelt flour
250g British-grown organic bread flour
1.5tbs baking powder
1tbs wholegrain mustard
1tsp paprika
50g butter

Combine these ingredients to form a breadcrumb consistency. Add 150g grated cheddar. In a measuring jug add two eggs and fill up with milk to 200mls milk. Combine the dry and wet ingredients and form a dough. Roll out to 80mm thickness. In a jug (can be same one you just emptied of eggs and milk) empty a small pot of curd cheese (can be cream cheese, we use Riverford‘s) and pour a tablespoon of milk on and stir to make it a little looser and easier to spread (add more or less milk as necessary) and smooth over the dough. Sprinkle on top any flavours you like – such as grated beetroot & goat cheese, braised leeks & blue cheese, or pizza sauce, olives & mushrooms. Roll the dough up and slice swirls to the size you wish – they do grow in the oven though, so don’t worry if they seem small.
Place the circles on parchment paper and bake in a medium oven for 20-30 minutes or until golden. Leave to cool a little then transfer to a cooling rack to cool completely.

So, check out their Facebook for developments and news and hopefully we’ll use their ingredients again at upcoming events we’re catering!