Supplier of the Season – Winter. Chorizo

Supplier of the Season – Winter – Ben’s Farm Shop’s chorizo

This month’s Supplier of the Season for winter is Ben’s Farm Shop. Specifically we use their butchery for fresh chorizo which is delicious and applicable in so may recipes. Our very popular beef, pepper or onion (depending on what’s available locally at the time) and chorizo burgers go down well at wedding BBQ’s, public events and garden parties. I really love our chorizo & free-range pork sausage rolls made with homemade butter rough puff pastry and our chicken, chorizo & seasonal veg stew is warmingly delicious!

From Ben’s Farm Shop website;

“The Watson family has farmed the 350 hectare Riverford Farm for over 60 years, more than thirty of which have been spent working to bring back the taste and quality of fresh, traditional food. We’re doing this through our farm shops, with their butchery, fresh vegetable, grocery and deli counters, the organic vegetable box business and the dairy. All of these are separate businesses but have much in common. As well as name (until recently) and location, a shared belief in high quality, unadulterated, fresh food and good farming makes Ben’s Farm Shops and Riverford stand for most things that are good in the world of food and farming.

All five children, Louise (Farm), Ben (Shop), Oliver (Farm and Dairy) and Guy and Rachel (Organic Vegetable Boxes) are actively involved in the farm or its associated businesses. The great patriarch, John Watson, though supposedly long retired, is still actively involved with all things Riverford.

Thirty years ago organic, local and sustainable were unfamiliar concepts to the public. People just didn’t get it when, in 1983, Ben started making sausages and bacon from the farm’s pigs. But from the beginning we have focused on high quality, good value, additive free, unadulterated and simple food production, with low food miles and a fair trade ethos.”

No doubt this year of wedding, family gathering, business and event catering will feature a fair amount of the delicious, flavoursome and organic chorizo!