Supplier of the Season – Autumn – Huxham’s Cross

Our newest supplier is Huxham’s Cross Farm, near Week, Totnes. A wonderful piece of land, taken on by Bob and Marina last year, with some really generous loans and donations from the Community of Dragons at the Totnes Local Entrepreneurs Forum. Like we did the year before, Huxham’s Cross Farm pitched at the Totnes LEF and were endorsed and welcomed by the community and have been going strong since. They have an orchard, free-range eggs (The Almond Thief uses them in their famous brunches!), beautiful heritage veg grown bio-dynamically, nuts and grain (that Grown in Totnes are now processing!). The box scheme is open to new members. I definitely think having a box from them or School Farm CSA is well worth it!


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“Marina and Mark O’Connell with Bob Mehew of the Apricot Centre, Dartington, are transforming this landpreviously used for high-input chemical farming, into a fertile educational market garden and community-connected farm for biodynamic, permacultural and organic food growing.

Be part of the farm and invest in community shares. The next share offer is to create a training and wellbeing centre on Huxhams Cross Farm.” Huxhams Cross Farm website

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